Bleeding your Soul out

Bleeding your Soul out


What would you die to accomplish? What do you desire the most in your life? Do you know? When you haven’t been abandoned, but simply left behind by everyone and everything, the excuses, the scenarios, the dreams,  the plans, what is it that keeps you going, if anything does?

Do you know? Who or what do you live for? Is it to fulfill a hidden dream? Is it for your child? Is it because you’re in love? Is it because you love being alive and you are an optimist by default? Which one of the above is it? Do you know? What pulls you out of bed every morning, what power keeps you motivated, especially after a hard night? Do you know?

Whatever it is, acknowledge this power, this energy, because exactly there lies hidden  every human’s flower, treasure, diamond. In other words, where do I find the heart to get up? Where do I find the heart to do anything? The answer is deep inside your being.

Compared to centuries, to billions of years of existence on this planet, the conscious man’s life seems too short next to the long course of Earth, or at least that is what ‘modern scientists’ preach. However, that is not the point. What matters is not the amount of years of consciousness, but the realization that the man truly lives only when he authentically experiences internally the nature of his driving force. Only when he discovers what awakens him in the morning, when all the illusions fade out and everything seems false or even delusive. Only when he reveals himself what kind of power, what kind of energy is the one that spontaneously and against his maybe drown in despair will, motivates him. Trivial and simple, once again, the Truth lies: that power is in his Soul, the quality of his Soul. It’s the energy of Love, Power, Happiness, Perseverance, it’s the Light that lies within. It’s one of the multiple essences of the human Soul, which employs the human and the spiritual and shines with the power of a Diamond. And even if sometimes the flame lights dim, that doesn’t mean it ever loses the value and the radiance of its inherent Light.

Do you know what kind of flower is your Soul ? What color ? what type?  Pick one of the millions of the blooms of the Creation, pick the one that’s yours. Then visualize yourself as that flower, as that special color, scent and shape and after that smell it, be that flower. Because its scent is what awakens you every morning, what provides you with the ‘vital force’ to wake up unwittingly and besides your sometimes weak or unwilling will power… A power that is not, though, your True Self.

So pick which flower you want to be like and remember that absolutely nothing in the whole Creation is considered (something)-less. Nothing is useless, tasteless, odorless, shapeless.

Remember that ‘bleeding your Soul out’ isn’t in the end that bad, since this is the way to highlight the beauty of the flower that you are, this is the way to show the greatness and the mesmerism of your character. And never rush to minimize the importance of that task due to its difficulty, because the odor of those who neglect to ‘water’ their own personal flower is the cause of the stench we all experience in this world every single day.


Fotini Karaelefteriou



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