It is a game I often play in order to break the dictatorship of acceptable social beliefs and the dictatorship of my mind.

I will explain a bit. On the one hand our society seeks to raise its new members “correctly” and perpetuate itself in the most exact way it can. We inherit beliefs and ideas before we even know. On the other hand stands our mind. Our mind likes to arrange everything in boxes – and it even takes pride in this. It likes to control. This is why it seeks to expand and establish its forms (its ideas, its interpretation of the world) when it should roll with and embrace the world.

Already two ways that can imprison us.

Because I basically believe that our mind is cunning I try to trick it. So I have found a game: I reverse the picture, the idea and then I look for arguments to support it. Funny or serious, wise or sillyones, I put everything in the game. The results vary from being funny to surprisingly valid and real. I work very systematically. In this way I break the mind.

For example the last time I used it. During a procedure, I realized that emotions have been identified with women and mainly with their sensitive side. Idecidedthatitwasfartoosimple. Ireversedit. Men are the mainly emotional beings and not women. And I played. There is a misunderstanding as for what emotion is. We- women- falsely believe that we fulfill our emotional duty when we easily cry, especially when seeing misery, weakness, or whatever sad. Also we “clothe” our senses and their products in a basic scenario, a story e.g. duty, true love, care, children upbringing. (Forgive my harshness but these are the rules of the game). Joy and pleasure are rarely connected with our sentimental nature in this sense. When we characterize somebody as sentimental we usually mean someone easily moved, (over)sensitive and with unstable emotion. On the other hand men express and satisfy their feelings and emotions more easily-in another way of course. They flow. All these are generalizations but not without ground: we can spot their traces in life.

These are the most basic arguments I found. It rather seems to me that women, although they are by nature better equipped to be emotionally wiser beings, are more confined in a twisted interpretation of emotion and they neither express nor satisfy it. They remain in the heavier and rough ones (or even worse in the scenarios) and they do not have the pleasure of the lighter and more subtle ones. They remain emotionally immature and confined. Unfortunately they are not encouraged to feel and develop their emotion. And this, in my opinion, is another form of control.

This is my game – and this is my conclusion.


Natassa Kapageridou




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