Consciousness is a light, a headlamp that sheds light on things and helps us place them in our lives and also place ourselves in relation το our personality and our environment.


  • Consciousness is not knowledge, information. When I read an article about consciousness and I have the information, or when I talk about consciousness it does not mean that I do have consciousness. Consciousness is action.
  • It is not an instance of conception or perception. Instantly, in a flash, through a crack of time, we may conceive the idea that awareness exists and that we want to acquire it. It requires practice.
  • It is not an abstract notion which we use as a spiritual accessory because it has become fashionable lately (the broadening of consciousness has become a common term).
  • Luck and awareness are two different things. I cannot consider myself a child of fortune and also believe in consciousness. Because the same things can happen to two people but with totally different outcomes.
  • It has nothing to do with morality and moral values. Because a deeply immoral person may have perfect awareness of exactly what they are doing.
  • It is not the comprehension of a situation (a sequence of events) after it is over, after it has been completed. This is an initial stage, what should be pursued is to help ourselves while the situation is still in progress.


Consciousness is when the human being is open.


  • When you realize the situation change as quickly as possible, when you understand that something is happening. You follow your course. Thinking and acting you observe yourself doing so.
  • You find your options. The hardest example of all: even when they tell you you are going to die, you have the choice of how you will spend the time that is left, where you will be when this happens, who with, and many more I could add.
  • You help yourself choose the best course in life. When you see an obstacle you walk towards it with awareness, or you do not, again because of awareness, in other words you try to protect yourself. You observe the problem and you try to understand its parameters (then you can solve it).
  • When you are happy, you know the source of your joy, you do not borrow it from someone else or impose it on others. In the same way you try to know all your emotions, without one single exception.
  • You try to know what you offer to yourself and to others (you are aware of your individuality). You know what you give, to whom and why. You know what you take, who from and why. You know your place in the world and the possibility of influencing it. You know your body. You know your virtues and weaknesses and you accept both. You take the decisions about your life, accepting the consequences or responsibilities. You train your own personality. You try to find your own views (other people’s opinions are not unquestionable). And many more.


Consciousness is specific life experience. It is achieved when you try to know «what is going on». It builds your body and your existence. It is as dense as matter and as real as our lives.


In other words consciousness is when we try to be present in our lives. When we make the decision to do so. This procedure itself is consciousness. It never ends because life never ends. The effort alone is a huge step.


Natassa Kapageridou



Suggested filmography (for cinema lovers):

The film “Lucy” (2014) starring Scarlett Johanson and Morgan Freeman. A film by Luc Besson. Αn excellent movie about total consciousness.



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