Discovering Your Soul’s Purpose
With Tom Kaypacha LescherGR
Corfu Buddha Hall
31 October – 2 November 2014

Your astrological birthchart is a virtual blueprint of your soul describing why you are here. This weekend will empower you to fully manifest that potential. Kaypacha will use Astrology, kundalini yoga, breathwork and meditation to heal your deepest personal dynamics and to assist you in opening as a channel for spirit-guided wisdom.
Each person will come away knowing themselves in a whole new manner with life changing awareness. Past life patterns will be revealed that have set the stage for this life’s soul intention including childhood, RELATIONSHIP, vocation, financial, and future experiences. We will discuss and physically experience the energy of the 12 zodiacal archetypes, and explore the meaning of them, the planets, and houses of your personal horoscope. Example charts from the group will be chosen to demonstrate how astrology can be used as a healing tool and for guidance important decision making processes.
FRIDAY Evening (7-9pm) The Astrology of 2014 and Beyond: This introductory talk will set the foundation for the weekend by describing the current astrological patterns. We are all currently experiencing the intense shift of consciousness in many ways that astrology can help us to understand and navigate more smoothly. (This talk can be attended separately from the weekend. See below for details)
SATURDAY – Activities will include breathwork, yoga, and an exploration into the 12 archetypes of the zodiac. We will look at the building blocks of the horoscope including not only the signs but the planets and houses, as well. Using your own birthchart (which will be provided), you will begin to grasp a deeper understanding of yourself and your soul purpose.
SUNDAY – We will spend this day, looking at our own personal charts and interpreting the charts of each other to answer your most pressing life questions right now. Kaypacha will take examples from those present to demonstrate the steps to interpret your horoscope. The day will close with kundalini yoga and meditation to bring your new awareness fully into your body.
MONDAY?! If enough people show INTEREST we will add a fourth day to the workshop for an additional 75€ (+42€ to Buddha Hall). Please let us know during the booking process whether you would like to extend the workshop.

This workshop starts with Dinner on Friday 31 October and ends (?) with Dinner on Sunday 2 November. Kaypacha will also be offering private readings on Oct 29+30, and Nov 3+4. Appointments are limited, please message Sarvaan – info@corfufestival.com

For more info on Kaypacha, please visit his website – http://newparadigmastrology.com

Youtube Channel – https://www.youtube.com/user/tomlescher

Facebook Page – https://www.facebook.com/pages/New-Paradigm-Astrology/255799081191568

What costs do you need to consider?
Workshop fee:
Entire Weekend 180 € – please pay on arrival
Inner Travel Ltd Package: 125 € – Pay on arrival. Includes full use of the venue, 3 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 2 dinners, and daily shuttle service.
Airport Transfers: between 20 € and 55 € per ride (to be paid to the local travel company – see Traveling for more info).
Accommodation: between 15 € and 130 € per night (to be paid to the accommodation owner – see Accommodation for more info).

Note: You can manage your Airports Transfers and Accommodation yourself.
If you prefer to have some advice or assistance, you are welcome to visit our pages Traveling and Accommodation.
Accommodations near Buddha Hall can only be booked through our Accommodation page.

For booking, questions and details, please contact Sarvaan


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